The Company

The Cryptosoft team has deployed encryption solutions in the UK for over eight years, and began the development of the Cryptosoft platform in 2008 to meet the needs of customers who wanted encryption that integrated seamlessly with their business applications, third party policy tools and emerging deployment schemes such as cloud or hosted environments.

Cryptosoft installs on both physical servers and virtual machines either on premise or in the cloud while interfacing seamlessly with the world’s leading key management, security policy and DLP platforms. Using standards based HTTP rest API’s, Cryptosoft is compatible with applications from all leading vendors including EMC, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM, Oracle, and SAP as well as bespoke development environments.

Designed to scale, Cryptosoft is the perfect platform for securing application data in shared, multi-tenancy and cloud environments including Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Available in a traditional on premise licensing model or as a Cloud based ‘Pay as you Go’ service Cryptosoft offers flexibility to any business encryption requirement.