What problem do we solve?

What problem do we solve?

Today enterprise software solutions are composed of a wide variety of artifacts – components written in-house (recent and legacy), open source, components acquired from third parties and SaaS capabilities.

Are you confident of your security vulnerability posture when this collection of software artifacts are used together in a solution?
• Each component may be scanned and “pass” an internal security audit, but when a collection of these components are aggregated and used together, hidden business risks can be exposed.

Are you confident that your company is in license compliance given the dynamic nature of artifacts in an application?

How do you manage the vulnerability and compliance lifecycle of the solution and be assured that you can provide an accurate view of your posture.

Can you demonstrate that the software being used in your organization meets your company’s risk policies?

Can you control, in an auditable and repeatable way, the vulnerability and compliance information you expose to internal and external parties?

In a nutshell, this is what Cryptosoft is all about! We are creating the first enterprise solution for software supply chain management. We do this by creating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and using it as the basis to solve these and other enterprise use cases.

The Cryptosoft Platform takes an existing SBOM, or creates one from a Github rep, and create a view on the security and compliance posture of the collection of artifacts used to create your solution. We also display a view on the interdependencies between the various artifacts.

We represent this information in what we term as a “nutrition Label”, making the analogy that many understand the nutritional content of a single food, but the Nutrition Label on a food product containing numerous components reveals information about fats and sugars that might not have been apparent from the base ingredients themselves.

Our strategy is to solve enterprise software supply chains needs seamlessly by augmenting your existing DevSecOps solutions with our capabilities through our easy to use API based integrations.
Our Cryptosoft Platform has the flexibility to run completely behind your firewall or in our public cloud implementation.